E-nvention: your way out to the Future!

You no longer find a way to escape Generation Z? All the reasons for not having to submit to the digital pressure that the society puts on your shoulders got exhausted? Then it may be time to take a step ahead, a step towards the future. Your future!
E-nvention knows that you, entrepreneur or private, are daily confronted with the rapid pace at which the digital highway crosses our society. Be guided by E-nvention on this interactive journey where the variety of choices and options are no longer your concern, but that of E-nvention.
Set together with E-nvention the first step towards the future.
Ignoring the facts is no longer possible. You too should dare to face the truth. We live in an era where everything is going forward in sixth gear, and where fast is never fast enough when you're on the digital rollercoaster. An era in which the latest apps are in our hands just seconds after having left the development labs, pleading for download or for proving new online services.


RE-nvent Yourself!

E-nvention knows that you - as a small, medium, or large business - need to focus on the core issue: doing business! With its expertise in the area of e-marketing, E-nvention takes care of your digital assets with the utmost dedication, and transforms it into a true success story! In an era where everything ‘e’ is all the rage, you cannot aimlessly wait on the platform for the digital high-speed train to pass you. For the digital domain, give yourself completely to E-nvention: revolutionary in e-services! Web design, software development, SEO marketing, social media strategy, e-marketing, e-commerce, multimedia solutions... you name it!




Web Design

Web Design

Responsive Webdesign
Mobile Websites
Mobile Apps

Web Development

Web Development

Software Development (customized)
Big Data
Semantyc Technology

Social Media

Social Media

Social Media Strategy
Conversation Management



Search Engine Marketing
SEO Marketing
SEA Marketing
Link Building
E-mail Marketing

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E-nventors Lab


Implementing the future

Can we challenge you? Find a handful of creative developers, lock them in the same room, let them brainstorm and wait patiently. The result? Ideas that are worth gold. How do we know this? E-nvention did it for you.



Meet E-nventors Lab, unique e-brainstorming sessions organized by E-nvention. Creative thinkers share their wildest ideas with each other, hoping for recognition. The most inventive ideas are singled out and judged on originality, functionality, and feasibility. In order to give E-nventors Lab more power, the winner is rewarded with a prize of up to 2000 euros.

And the winner is…

But that's not all. The winner of E-nventors Lab can bring his/her idea to life, and this under the professional guidance of E-nvention. From design to creation and commercialization. The purpose? Place the product in the market within the shortest possible time.


E-nventors Lab needs you!

Do you make the unthinkable possible? Then E-nventors Lab is perhaps the missing link in your creative life. Register today for the e-brainstorming sessions and who knows, maybe you can win the prize and let your dream become reality: the commercialization of your own creation. Register at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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A pace that you cannot follow as an entrepreneur? No reason to feel embarrassed about that. After all, you have other things on your mind, and time is money! This is why E-nvention is taking the responsibility for you.